Log5j 1.1

I just pushed a new release of Log5j.

Version 1.1 fixes a bug where it would throw an internal exception due to incorrect logger registration.

This is a fairly simple library so I don’t really expect too many additional features or releases at this point.

  1. darose

    Just wondering: what makes Log5j different/better than, say, SLF4J? Don’t they do approximately the same thing?

  2. Hm… I hadn’t seem SLF4J until now.

    It looks like it does varargs which is really nice.

    The only thing we implement that they don’t is that we support detection of the log name at runtime (which as far as I can tell SLF4J does not).

    Also, Log5J is really simple. It’s literally ONE source file.

    Which as far as I’m concerned is a big feature ;)

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