Fusion IO NAND Flash Pricing and Numbers

200802112133It looks like Fusion IO has published more numbers about their SSD flash storage devices.

For starters, the price is totally reasonable. $2400 for an 80G device. This is $30/GB which puts it roughly 2x the price of the Mtron at $/GB. Not to bad.

The raw performance numbers seem amazing:


However, these can be highly misleading. They don’t cite random write numbers and only quote 8k packets.

Here’s how you break apart these numbers.

Sequentially just means they’re doing ‘random’ 8k packets back to back. AT 600MB/s this works out to 73K random IOPS. The size can be 512B and up to 8k. So let’s assume we’re FULLY random and doing 512B writes.

This puts us at only 35MB/s.

Still pretty impressive. The Mtron can only do 7.5MB/s random writes which puts it at 4.6x faster for only 2x the cost.

The REAL question is how you access the device. I assume they wrote their own kernel driver and it exposes itself as some time of MTD, memory, or block device.

I’d want that driver to be OSS though.

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