Pelosi Actively Petitioning to DROP Impeachment

The Democrats were elected to REMOVE bush from power. Not to protect him.

But that’s just what Pelosi is doing:

Before the Nevada primary, [Presidential candidate] Dennis [Kucinich] was visited by representatives of Nancy Pelosi and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee — AIPAC. They told Dennis that if he would drop his campaigns to impeach Cheney and Bush, they would guarantee his re-election to the House of Representatives.

We seriously need to organize protests in San Francisco and march to her office. The message needs to be made clear that if you support the Bush administration that you won’t be re-elected.

  1. Every time you post about politics I get more and more dumbfounded by your views.

    1) Bush won’t be impeached. Won’t happen. Kucinich is doing it for show.
    2) Having Kucinich in office is more important than putting on a show.

    Think strategically. Think long-term about what is good for the Democrats.

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