Obama Runs Linux, Clinton = Windows, Ron Paul = Linux….

What OS does your favorite candidate run?


Barak Obama runs Linux

Hillary Clinton runs Windows (I think we all saw that coming)

John Edwards runs Linux

Joe Biden runs Linux and Irix

Kucinich runs Linux


Ron Paul runs Linux

Romney runs Linux and Apache (strange!)

John McCain runs Windows Server 2003 and some FreeBSD

Huckabee runs Windows Server 2003

Fred Thompson runs (or ran) Windows Server 2003 and IIS 6.0

Rudy runs about 1/2 Linux and 1/2 Windows Server 2003 (I didn’t see that coming)

… I think the choice of OS says a lot more about a candidate than their position on the issues.

  1. Nice blog. :)

    The discrepancies originate from a caching platform, usually Akamai. I’m sure candidates get DDoS attacks daily so a caching network might be required if they’re running IIS or have a huge amount of traffic.

    I’m currently writing a similar article, so here a few unsolicited tips:

    There are three easy ways to determine the OS of a server.

    1. You’ve found one of them (usually reliable) Netcraft.

    2. Use the Live HTTP Headers plugin for Firefox (or HTTPWatch in IE) to look at the Server response in the HTTP header. Reliable as Netcraft.

    3. Scan using nmap and O/S detection to find out for yourself, might be considered hostile. :)

    There’s a nifty article with a bit more detail and graphs you might like:

  2. whywehateyou

    I disagree with you, I think that what they are running has to do with what techies support them. It DOES speak more about the candidates followers then any poll does, but it has really nothing to do with the candidates themselves

  3. Tou’re wrong. Who do you think works for political campaigns?

    People work for politicians because they share political ideology.

    Linux represents freedom and individuality which is why independents like Paul, Obama, etc use it.

    Windows represents corruption and centralized control which is why Clinton and the rest of the Repulicons use it…..

  4. liquid06

    Sweet! I’m glad to know this. Still not planning to vote though.

  5. Actually, not everyone working for a candidate shares the same ideology. There are many propagandists that have flip flopped campaigns over the years to follow the money


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