Crow Intelligence

I’m fascinated by intelligence in non-simian species. The Octopus and Crow are two animals that have vastly higher intelligence than a lay man would assume.

I spent some time tonight doing research and found some interesting content on the subject.

For example. This crow is smart enough to form a tool from wire in order to obtain food in a tube:

Alex Kacelnik is a zoologist at Oxford University in England who studies tool use in crows. He said study of the birds advances understanding of how higher intelligence evolves.

As a sign of crows’ advanced smarts, Savage cites Kacelnik’s 2002 study in the journal Science on a captive New Caledonian crow that bent a straight piece of wire into a hook to fetch a bucket of food in a tube.

They’ve also been able to come up with clever tools for cracking nuts – cars. They’re so smart in fact that they’ve figured out how to use cross walks.

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