Zeus IOPS – Another High Performance SSD

It looks like there’s another competitive SSD on the market. The Stec Zeus IOPS.

I foolishly dismissed this drive before because I thought they weren’t disclosing their write rate (which all the other vendors are doing to lie about their performance).

Turns out they’re claiming 200MB/s with 100MB/s write throughput. If these numbers are accurate the then this would be 2x faster then the Mtron SSDs.

Storage Mojo has additional commentary. They’re comparing these drives to the RamSan which is not a fair comparison since this is a DRAM based SAN device. The RamSan-500 should trounce everything on the market but the pricing is astronomical.

The key win for SSDs is that they’re cheap and will soon be commodity. By mid-2008 I imagine 20% of the laptop market will be using SSDs and vendors like Toshiba, Samsung, Stec, and Mtron will be feverishly attacking each other in the enterprise market.

The key here with the Zeus will be price per GB. The Mtrons are about $15 per GB which is the price point I’m looking at for real world horizontal/diagnol scaled applications.

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