Go WordPress! Another $29.5M in VC

OK… I have the flu again and not really in a blogging mood.

I just wanted to say WOOT that WordPress raised another round of funding.

Automattic, the commercial arm of the popular WordPress publishing platform for blogs, has received $29.5 million in financing from four companies, including a small portion from The New York Times Company.

WordPress is open-source software used by bloggers to publish posts. Its chief competitors are Blogger (owned by Google) and TypePad (owned by the software company Six Apart).

Automattic received $1.1 million in financing about two years ago. Polaris Venture Partners, True Ventures and Radar Partners were joined by the Times Company in the second round of financing.

Congrats to the whole team. They’re doing a great job.

I’m probably going to be migrating all my blogs to stand alone WordPress.

  1. muskie

    Aha, I had to reload to prove I logged in…

    I found this post of yours a bit funny because you usually are anti-taking the VC money and I can’t help recall you trumping Vox and other blogging engines before WordPress.

    But I guess it is all in your MySQL/PHP camp…

    Anyway I’m curious to see what they do with the money, maybe I should have been a more active member of the community or something, but I had bigger problems… I still have bigger problems.

    There are always VCs out there it seems, now getting to talk to them and convincing them to invest in your idea…

    Anyway good luck with the WordPress migration, I got several people to move from Drupal or other engines to WordPress a year or two back…

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