Sun Buys MySQL – Good Call

The entire Internet is buzzing today about Sun buying MySQL.

… we’re putting a billion dollars behind the M in LAMP. If you’re an industry insider, you’ll know what that means – we’re acquiring MySQL AB, the company behind MySQL, the world’s most popular open source database.

Both sets of customers confirmed what we’ve known for years – that MySQL is by far the most popular platform on which modern developers are creating network services. From Facebook, Google and to banks and telecommunications companies, architects looking for performance, productivity and innovation have turned to MySQL. In high schools and college campuses, at startups, at high performance computing labs and in the Global 2000. The adoption of MySQL across the globe is nothing short of breathtaking. They are the root stock from which an enormous portion of the web economy springs.

This was a good play by Sun. MySQL is used by a number of major companies and Web 2.0 startups (including Spinn3r, Digg, Technorati, Google, I could go on).

This is going to yield a great halo effect for Sun. MySQL customers need a solid OS and now they’re going to have one – Open Solaris. They’re going to need a solid filesystem – ZFS. They’re going to need a decent storage array. Sun just happens to have one they’re interested in selling you.

Rumors have it that Sun is even going to ship a new SSD device which I’d love to purchase but it doesn’t look like it will be released on our timeframe.

This isn’t all bells and roses though. I’m a bit concerned that this could cause MySQL to defocus their support for Linux. Of course I’m sure that more than 50% of their customer base is running Linux so this might not be too easy.

This also puts MySQL in a good home. I’ve been worried that the rumored IPO would hurt them by changing their focus. Oracle was always a looming threat and a purchase by RedHat would be a disaster.

Schwartz is doing a great job running Sun. Since he’s taken the reigns he’s really turned the ship around and brought it under control.

If they keep this up I might just end up becoming a customer.

  1. Kevin,

    The coolthreads processor also is a lot better at running MySQL than X86. Now that Sun owns MySQL, they will be able to make this case a louder and more public.

  2. Why is the coolthreads processor better?

    I’m sticking to my Opterons for now :)

  3. The coolthreads architecture is a lot more efficient on a clock per clock basis than x86 on integer based calculations (no fpu on the coolthreads) and handles distribution to its cores better as well as L1 memory management. You do pay for this $s wise as sun prices the coolthreads accordingly. That said the 1.8Ghz sun procs run about as fast as the 2.8Ghz Intels on like MySQL benchmarks (coolthreads / solaris vs. x86 / linux) if I recall correctly. Sun had some datasheets a while ago about this.

  4. Interesting…. in the past I haven’t tuned MySQL since I’m never really CPU bound. These new SSDs could in theory bottleneck the northbridge and or CPU so maybe it’s going to be an issue again.

    Being constantly bottlenecked on disk seeks means you don’t really think about CPU utilization much.


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