Koders vs Google Code Search

Over a week ago I submitted our Open Source Spinn3r client to both Koders and Google Code Search.

The result? Nothing.

Neither one of them has yet indexed Spinn3r and it doesn’t return in any of their search engines.

Not very impressive guys.

I pinged the Koders guys and hopefully I’ll get a response. Of course this is a lot better than Google Code Search. Their ‘discuss’ link at the bottom of the page 404s.

Update: I could possibly use Google Code sitemap extensions but I shouldn’t have to if they have a manual form for specifying the SVN repo.

Update 2: Koders does an index push once per month (which seems a bit slow) and that they’ll have it in next week.

I wonder how long it takes Google Code Search to push an index.

  1. Hey Kevin,

    Sorry about that — I’ll look into both issues.


  2. Still not in either Koders of Google Code Search :-/


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