Key Bindings for Spaces in Leopard

It looks like there’s going to be another big update for Leopard coming soon – maybe it’s time to upgrade.

The problem is that I’m a virtual desktop addict. The new spaces functionality in Leopard is looking nice but I seriously can’t live without key bindings.

The problem is that spaces doesn’t have any key binding preference pane for setting and absolute desktop:

One final gripe is the key bindings for Spaces. The only key bindings for switching desktops is Control + arrow keys. I usually work with my fingers in one of two keyboard configurations: both hands on the home row, or left hand on the home row and right hand on the mouse. Control + arrow keys sucks for both of these configurations. Ideally, I’d love to be able to configure “switch desktop up/down/left/right” individually and to any modifiers + key I want. Personally, I’d use Control + Option + e/d/s/f. While it looks contorted, it’s not bad for an old Emacs user like myself. And it works well in both of my keyboard configurations.

This is insane. Why is it that Apple is so damn stubborn to not learn from Unix history. Virtual desktop functionality has been in the *nix world for more than a decade.

I hope someone writes an app for this functionality. I’d totally pay $25 for this feature.

Hint. Hint.

  1. Um it dose have the feature it is just not turned on by default. Not in front of a leopard computer so I can’t tell you where the setting is but on my leopard lap top I set it up to have command 1..0 go to desk tops 1 thought 10.

  2. Wow… ok. Well I couldn’t find it… other people have noticed the same thing on the web.

    I’ll try to play with a friend’s Leopard install to see if I can figure it out.

  3. Just looked at it. In the spaces control panel the drop down at the bottom of the screen is “To switch direct to a space” it is turned off by default, set to “-“, but can be set to “apple number keys”, “control number keys”, or “option number keys”.

  4. That isn’t confusing…

    The mac sometimes is so easy and straightforward that I get confused when expecting to find something more complicated.

    Anyway. I guess I can upgrade now.

    I’m sick of VirtueDesktops screwing up on me.


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