Dear Facebook: Robots are People too (and have rights)

Scoble is in trouble with the law:

If you are trying to contact me on Facebook, please don’t. My account has been “disabled” for breaking Facebook’s Terms of Use. I was running a script that got them to keep me from accessing my account. I’m appealing. I’ll tell you what I was doing as soon as I talk with the developers who built what I was using and as soon as I talk with Facebook’s support (I sent an email in reply to the one below, but haven’t heard back yet).

Our systems indicate that you’ve been highly active on Facebook lately and viewing pages at a quick enough rate that we suspect you may be running an automated script. This kind of Activity would be a violation of our Terms of Use and potentially of federal and state laws.

Facebook. Seriously. Robots (such as Spinn3r)are people too! This shouldn’t be a violation of your Terms of Use.

Also, could you please stop spreading FUD and point out WHICH federal and state laws this is violating?

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