LazyWeb Request: Cheap Bandwidth for a New Podcast

OK lazy web help me out…

I’m setting up a new podcast and I need CHEAP (potentially free) bandwidth. Something like FreeCache would be nice.

There’s the open google caching proxy that Niall found but it doesn’t appear to work with large media files (returns zero bytes).

I could use S3 but I’d still have to pay for bandwidth and their pricing isn’t exactly cheap.

  1. You can use S3 as storage and run Squid as reverse proxy, like

  2. Yeah.. but the trick here is to get rid of ANY bandwidth bills because a few thousand people downloading 100M videos isn’t going to be cheap.

  3. tby

    There are a ton of podcast hosting services offering “unmetered” bandwidth for cheap. For free there is Coral CDN if you can keep it under 50MB and CCPublisher for Creative Commons licensed works.

  4. Not free, but supposedly is affordable storage specifically meant for podcasts usage pattern

  5. If you buy the space upgrade on you can upload MP3s and get unlimited bandwidth. We’re going to bump the quotas soon, so it should be plenty of space for your podcast for a while.

  6. I was thinking about using but it might be a chunk of bandwidth.

    Then Barry will hunt me down and club me to death.

    I think I’m going to host them on for a while and then move them over to WP.

  7. We do about 750 average now, so hopefully it’ll slip under Barry’s radar.

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