What is WRONG with IceRocket?

Matthew Hurst mentions that IceRocket might have relaunched:

I’m sure I’m very late in noticing this, but just after I saw Technorati’s relaunch as a memetracker, I noticed that IceRocket is starting to look different, with a new (to me) looking front page, ranked video, movies and news. According to Compete, Technorati’s shift looks like it may have resulted in an upswing of visitors, while IceRocket is still languishing.

IceRocket has always been compelling in terms of technology – but they’re totally inept when it comes to marketing.

Seriously. There blog just languishes – the last post was 6 months ago. I’ve tried to contact them only to be rebuffed.

If they would just start joining the conversation and engaging bloggers they’d get a LOT more traffic.

Of course, maybe they’re on autopilot.

If anyone at IceRocket is listening prove me wrong and submit a comment.

  1. buckpost

    IceRocket used to be very pro-active within the blogosphere – often leaving comments shortly after you posted. In some ways, it was a savvy marketing move but it always came across promotional.

  2. Well.. 24 hours later and they haven’t responded.

    I wonder if this shows up in their engine…

  3. Yup. it was indexed by Icerocket…. with the wrong title .. but oh well.


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