Nice Xmas Present for the MacAskill Family

This LA Times article is a great xmas present for the MacAskill Family:

The company now employs 28 people — all MacAskills, family friends and SmugMug customers they hired — in five countries. The MacAskills have signed up more than 100,000 paying subscribers despite mounting competition from free services, in part by emphasizing their family-friendly approach. They post their own family photos and home videos on the website, spend countless hours chatting up their users in the company’s online forum and send lively customer service e-mails such as “Who loves you, baby?”

Our industry is far to monoculture. There are only two types of companies – VC funded startups and BigCos like Google Yahoo and Microsoft.

We don’t talk about it much but there’s too much corruption here. We need more companies like SmugMug that pop up and break the mold.

I’d like to think Spinn3r is help solving the problem but I won’t be that arrogant …

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