iPhone Headphone Jacks Unsafe – Cut Fingers

My iphone headphone jack just took a good chunk of skin off my finger.

I had the same thing happen a year ago when I put my hand in my luggage bag and it brushed against a disposable razor.

Ouch. Makes it really hard to type.

Apparently, other people have noticed this problem too:

I always have my iPhone in my Jeans-Pocket. Today I wanted to get my iPhone out of my pocket. When my hand was in my pocket, I touched the headphone jack with my finger and lost a piece of my skin on my finger. I told this to my girlfriend and she showed me her finger. She has happened the same thing a few days ago.

The jack is so sharp-edged that it is really dangerous.


Update: I just took my keys and rubbed it on the edges on the iphone headset jack and this dulled it enough to where it wasn’t sharp.

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