Is Feedster Officially Dead?

200712062002It appears Feedster is no more. Off into the Internet nether-world alongside Kozmo,, and Webvan.

I’ve been monitoring the situation for a week and they haven’t been responding to ICMP packets the entire time.

At the very minimum you’d THINK they’d give people a heads up. Put up a ‘we’re going away page’ at least …

What’s even more confusing is that the normal sites (GigaOM, Techcrunch, etc) haven’t yet picked up on the story.

Update: I forgot to mention. A number of bloggers have approached me about this offline and have noticed the same thing.

The question is whether they’re going to go to Technorati or just go right to Google Blog Search.

Update 2: More confirmation. It’s been removed from Ping-O-Matic.

Update 3: After more digging my trusty (but anonymous) source is telling me that someone is trying to acquire Feedster. This might be interesting. It’s only one source for the moment.

If Feedster is REALLY on its last legs them it makes sense that someone might try to pick up the technology on the cheap.

Update 4: BTW… if you were working with Feedster for blog data and now are high and dry we’d LOVE to help you out over at Spinn3r.

  1. bugmn

    same thing happened to cofounder scott johnson’s new startup, ookles, as well as his blog. just fell silently and suddently out of the net.

  2. I think Scott had another child – which is probably taking up all his time :)

  3. techmaven76

    Ok, looks like your blog post inspired Feedster to get something back up…may they aren’t done yet.

  4. someguy

    Someone IS trying to acquire feedster….they have been talking for a few months now. A few days ago (07/15/2008) I had heard that an agreement has been reached, but the deal has not been officially made yet…don’t know all the details but it looks, well, promising.

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