Ian Goldberg on Off the Record Encryption for IM Networks

Want to stick it to the man? Want the ability to preserve your 4th Amendment rights without having to file a class action lawsuit against AT&T?

Then watch this cool presentation about Off the Record (OTR) encryption:

Instant messaging (IM) is an increasingly popular mode of communication on the Internet. Although it is used for personal and private conversations, it is not at all a private medium. Not only are all of the messages unencrypted and unauthenticated, but they are all routedthrough a central server, forming a convenient interception point for an attacker. Users would benefit from being able to have truly private conversations over IM, combining the features of encryption, authentication, deniability, and forward secrecy, while working within their existing IM infrastructure.

Here’s a link to the mpeg. If you subscribe to my feed in iTunes you can then watch it on your iPod.

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