A Frightening Theory as to Why the Dem’s Won’t Impeach

I think I’ve figured out why Democrats won’t push to impeach the President.

It just doesn’t make any sense. The polls over Bush’s disapproval numbers are WAY high. Over 75% of Americans want him out.

Nancy Pelosi is from San Francisco for crying out loud which has nearly four letters of impeachment in her home town.

While politicians can be confusing they at LEAST want money and you’d think that impeachment would be a great rallying cry for the Democratic base.

Then it hit me.

The Neocons are using Iran to threaten the Democrats. How much do you want to bet that Cheney has announced his intention to invade Iran if the Democrats rally around impeachment proceedings.

It does make a lot of sense. It’s probable that Dick Cheney and George Bush are guilty of potentially treasonous crimes while in the oval office.

If this is what it takes to keep them from going to prison then so be it.

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