Beta Announcement of Spinn3r Client Libraries

200710221258One of the things we’ve started to notice in the last few weeks is that as the Spinn3r API becomes more sophisticated it’s becoming difficult for clients to implement.

Moving forward, we’re going to release and support client drivers for multiple languages including Java, Python, Perl, and Ruby.

Today we’re announcing a Java reference implementation (and Javadoc) of the Spinn3r API.

All of our drivers will be released under the Apache 2.0 license. The APL is a very liberal license and basically allows customers and researchers using the Spinn3r API to build whatever type of application they want on top of our platform without having to worry about legal and licensing implications.

Another interesting property of this implementation is that it’s very small – 1500 lines of code. This means ports to other languages should be very easy.

This API will be included in Spinn3r 2.1 as a final release as there are only a few small features left to implement.

Update: Niall suggests hosting this on Google Code so there can be a public SVN repository. This makes a lot of sense. We started hosting before Google Code as released. This would be one less thing for Tailrank to admin.

Thanks also go out to adactio on Flickr for providing a cool photo of a latte under the Creative Commons attribution license.

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