More Fun with Spammers and EULAs

Here’s the original email:

On 10/8/07, Manish kumar wrote:

Dear Kevin Burton,

My name is Manish kumar, and I’m the owner of Busellexchangelinks. I
wanted to let you know that I’ve just placed a link to

You can find the link to your site here:

I’ve used this text to link to your site:
“Kevin Burton’s New FeedBlog”

Thanks for putting such a useful site on the Web! I would really
appreciate it if you could give me a heads up if you move or change
link locations, or if you post any new material that you think my
visitors would be interested in.

A link back to my site would also be nice. :-) If you link back to me,
I’ll put your site at the top of its category and I’ll mark it with a
special “tip” image.

Again, thank you very much for your great web site.

And my response…

Dear Mr Kumar.

Our inbound link end user license agreement (which you accepted when you visited our website) requires payment for all inbound links.

Each inbound link costs $350. Since you’ve already agreed to our EULA by visiting our site and creating the link we’ll need to get payment for this service.

Please send payment within 15 days to the address provided on

Failure to pay will result in this information being forwarded to our collection agency and then our lawyer should further action be required.

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