Tooth Fairies Pay for Wars

When I heard Dana Perino talking about how it was fiscally irresponsible to raise taxes to war my head nearly exploded.

Apparently, I’m not the only one. Thomas Friedman also noted the insanity:

Friends, we are through the looking glass. It is now “fiscally irresponsible” to want to pay for a war with a tax. These democrats just don’t understand: the tooth fairy pays for wars. Of course she does — the tooth fairy leaves the money at the end of every month under Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson’s pillow. And what a big pillow it is! My God, what will the Democrats come up with next? Taxes to rebuild bridges or schools or high-speed rail or our lagging broadband networks? No, no, the tooth fairy covers all that. She borrows the money from China and leaves it under Paulson’s pillow.

Fortunately, the oil paid for the war. Oh wait. That never happened. And we’re 800 billion into this war and haven’t seen a dime yet.

The Neocons are the new Liberals. Except they love war.

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