Tailrank 2.5 and Constructive Criticism.

It’s NICE to get Tailrank 2.5 out the door – but Arrington didn’t like it:

So back to the new version…the spam is gone, but the stories are all at least a day old. Burton originally promised this release in early July. It came three months later, which is not unexpected when software is involved. But he knew that we’d be taking a critical look at the site. If his indexing engine can’t keep up with the news, how can he expect people to spend time visiting the site?

It’s an interesting discussion really.

This wasn’t much of an issue being that Tailrank can’t keep up with the news as much as it was that the stories on the front page attracted a LOT of attention.

That said, I think we’re going to be pushing more velocity into the engine for the next release.

Also, I should note. It wasn’t much of an issue of the Tailrank feature set taking a lot of time as much as it was Spinn3r customers requesting new features – a good problem to have.

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