Announcing New Versions of Spinn3r and Tailrank

This is a big day for us. We’re announcing new versions of both Tailrank and Spinn3r.

The first big announcement is Spinn3r 2.0:

After nearly a year in development, I’m pleased to announce the release of Spinn3r 2.0.

We’ve also been heads down working on Tailrank as well and are announcing Tailrank 2.5 today as well.

All of this has been possible due to the sheer amount of work we’ve invested into our software and hardware infrastructure. We’re pretty ambitious and now that we’ve completed the majority of our infrastructure work we can ship more applications at a faster rate.

And of course Tailrank 2.5:

Not only are we announcing Spinn3r 2.0 today but we’re announcing that a new version of Tailrank is being released as well.

If you’ve been a regular reader of Tailrank over the last few months you might have noticed a number of incremental improvements. Tailrank 2.5 is far more evolutionary than revolutionary.

We’ve spent a lot of time focusing accuracy of Tailrank’s core internal algorithms. What works for one blog or even 1M of blogs in our index tends to fail from time to time when working on 12M blogs.

You should read both blog posts because there’s a lot more detail here.

We’re going to follow up with a Spinn3r 2.1 release in a couple of weeks. There were a few more features we wanted to integrate but weren’t able to ship at the last minute.


Another point I forgot to mention. We’re making Spinn3r available 100% free of charge for researchers! Should be interesting to see what happens here!

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