Ron Paul Raises $852k in Five Days

So far Ron Paul has raised $852k in five days. They’re targeting 1M. If you think you can help donate here.

In a little more than five days, you raised over $852,000 online for the Ron Paul presidential campaign. Our original goal was $500,000, but you blazed past that amount in just a couple of days. Now, you’re almost to the $1,000,000 mark. Congratulations and thank you!

Your extraordinary efforts have caused the press to take notice. The Hill newspaper, a publication here in Washington read by the professional political types, reported the other day on your success. The article was accurate and positive. And you can be sure it caused the political class here in D.C. to uncomfortably take notice.

This article about your success might be the first, but it certainly won’t be the last. When we reach our new goal of $1,000,000 by midnight tomorrow, many more such articles will appear throughout the country – and the political “experts” will be scratching their heads trying to understand this Ron Paul Revolution.

Here he is talking at Google if you’d like to know more about his position on the issues:

  1. Funny how someone who wants government out of our lives can be so anti-choice for female reproductive rights.
    Sorry … Pass

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