Fun with Spammers

When you have a large website it seems vendors/spammers are constantly doing a whois on your email and sending you spam to hock their wares.

Today I received this fun little email:

You are losing business to your competitors because your web site is not showing up high enough on the major search engines. We can change that. Right now we are offering a complimentary site analysis that will show you how higher placement will give you more web traffic and greatly improve your bottom line. Email us today at and we will contact you with your free site analysis. Don’t forget to include your web site(s) and how we can reach with our results.

Roselle Morgan
Running Start Media

In fact, she’s so good at her job that she shows up nowhere in Google for the query Running Start Media

Now I only hope that spam robots come find this post, index her email address, and send her retaliation spam on my behalf.

Oh sweet revenge.

  1. jhherren

    It just got better. Search for the company name in quotes.

  2. You mean better as in there are only 4 results.

    In a few more minutes I bet this post will be the #1 result :)

  3. jhherren

    Your post was #1 when I first posted the comment. How ’bout that for ‘SEO’! Cheers :)

  4. John Herren

    Must be the week for SEO spam. I got one just now:

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