Google Cloning Rojo with Google Reader

Google is getting closer and closer to cloning Rojo with Google Reader.

First they added search and now they’re apparently adding more functionality.

The search functionality in particular was interesting because I implemented the first round of Rojo search based on Lucene.

An internal presentation leaked onto the web and apparently they’re going to be implementing more social functionality:

The Reader team is going to integrate more social features. Currently items can be sent to friends by email, and there are no plans for creating a Reader-inbox for that.

Google’s recent big social effort is called Mocha-Mocha (or Mocka-Mocka?), and will become the infrastructure for all social stuff across all of their applications. As a part of this, a new feature called Activity Streams will be introduced or at least implemented in Reader this quarter. This will be comparable to Facebook’s News Feed (Minifeed?) feature, and integrate Gmail’s addressbook and contact list.

I’m not sure this is a bad thing either. Rojo had a lot of cool features but I think it was a year or two too early. Part of me thinks that social news reading might never take off. I’d love to be proven wrong though.

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