Greg Stein (Director of the Apache Software Foundation) was Mugged – Accepting Donations

200708271458UPDATE: If you tried to donate before but received an error just use the Paypal links at the bottom of this post. The problem has been corrected but I think we’re going to end up losing a bit of money on this one. We’re still making really good progress towards our goal. You guys Rock! I’ll post more info later.

Last Friday night Greg Stein was mugged and seriously injured outside of his home in Mountain View, CA.

They gave Greg a black eye and a serious laceration to the head which required numerous stiches. Apparently, he was bleeding profusely when the ambulance came.

The doctors were worried about his head wound and he spent the entire night under observation and went through numerous CAT scans.

A few weeks prior, he broke one of his legs and had been on crutches when these guys decided to beat the hell out of him.

What did they get? One hundred dollars and a credit card.

So here’s the plan. We’re all worried about Greg and want to do something nice for him. He really just needs to take some time away and relax and get better.

Based on ALL the hard work that he has given to the community I think we should start taking up a collection to do something nice for him.

Greg had done a lot for the Open Source community and I think we should set out to prove that we take care of our own. Not only is Greg the Director of the ASF but he’s also the creator of mod_dav, and one of the lead developers on subversion.

Here’s Greg in his own words:

My main projects are WebDAV-related (I’m the primary author of and mod_dav) and Python. In addition, I’m also one of the developers of the Subversion project and work mostly on its WebDAV-based network operation. I’m also a Member and Director of the Apache Software Foundation, and have been its Chairman for the past couple years. At the ASF, I work on APR, and on the WebDAV features in the Apache HTTPd 2.0 distribution.

Once this is done then we can do something REALLY nice for Greg like send him to a resort in Big Sur for a week or two where he can just relax and get better.

Obviously, if you want to reach out and do something personal for Greg don’t let us stop you. We also want to organize a bunch of people to bring Greg dinner every night for a while so that is an option as well.

There’s a Google Group setup for just this purpose.

We’re also taking up a collection and have so far raised $600 mostly from direct friends and family. We’re trying to raise $2k. Any overflow funds will be donated to the Apache Software Foundation.


Just to clarify – this fund has Greg’s blessing which is one of the reasons the ASF was selected for overflow donations.

Update 2:

Rich blogs it:

So git yer wallets out you apathetic webwags and toss some bills into the hat for Greg! How much did you ever pay to use Apache? Ok well there’s a good rationalization for you. Time to make a bit of it up. Thank god we’re not paying $1295 for Netscape Enterprise Server. :-)

Update 3:

More links from Crazy Bob, Scott Beale, Chris Messina and Ted Leung.

… which means it’s now on Tailrank if you want to follow the story there.

Update 4:

The fund was a COMPLETE success and is now closed. If you’d like to donate please give to the ASF directly!

Donate Now to the Greg Stein Fund


  1. smadison

    I feel badly for Greg and I’d love to help out. But I don’t quite get what the donations are for?

  2. The donations are just a way of organizing decentralized good will. This way we can all do something NICE for Greg by pooling our karma.

    Right now it’s looking like a trip to Big Sur for a week or weekend.

    More to follow…… stay tuned.

  3. smadison

    ok, but…I gave $1500 to the Magana family when Valente Magana, a line cook at the Pacific Cafe here at Google, died suddenly. And I’d love to do something to help out Greg, something meaningful like run errands or bring him dinner. But the fundraising thing kinda creeps me out. I’m sure if Greg needs something, money is the least of his concerns. So what good is raising money? And why are you using PayPal instead of Google Checkout?! :)

  4. gconrads

    As a person who shares the name Greg Stein I was greatly disturbed by this. We need better protection for Greg Steins everywhere!

    Get well soon.

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