Google will Index the Social Graph

Scoble started a thread (follow on Tailrank) about how Google is going to be crushed in four years by applications which index the social graph.

Search Engine Land has a good follow up:

.. we get another spate of “let’s blame SEO” to start my morning off. Robert Scoble uses that theme as a launching pad for a series of videos on how Facebook potentially could be a killer search engine — regardless of the fact he seems to have no clue that “social graph” or social networking mixing has been tried and abandoned with search. Having watched his videos, which have sparked much discussion, I’ll do some debunking, some educating for those who want more history of what’s been done in the area, plus I’ll swing around to that New York Times article today that ascribes super-ranking powers to SEO.

What fundamentally bother’s me here is that most people in this discussion fail to understand that the social graph can be used to augment the larger web graph.

  1. Note to acquisitions office at Google: Kevin runs just such a company that ranks the tails of the social graph. Clearly you have to buy it.

  2. That was a joke, btw. :-)

    /me hearts Spinn3r!

  3. davidu,

    My thoughts exactly :-P

  4. ha… yeah… I realized it was a joke.

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