WordPress.com Can’t use Google Analytics?

Apparently I can’t use Google Analytics with my WordPress blog:

Can I use Google Analytics?


We already use Google Analytics code to monitor the domain in ways that provide us with useful information to benefit the service we offer. It is not possible to use two instances of Google Analytics on one page.

No fun. Seriously. I love Google Analytics. I’m finding myself not liking the new Sitemeter UI.

  1. muskie

    Stupid I had to reload the page to leave a comment, why after logging in couldn’t I just leave a comment instead of being told I have to login (again)…

    Anyway I installed Google Analytics as soon as it came out and I admit the pretty pictures are nice, but I never check it, I use Mint instead. I know Google Analytics has been upated but Mint gets updated and there are some pretty cool plugins. I’ve never gotten Birdfeeder to work though…

    Check it out at http://haveamint.com it costs like 30 bucks but it is nice, I’ve gotten thirty dollars worth of amusement out of it.

  2. The Google Analytics thing may be changing soonish.

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