Sifry Leaves Technorati and Layoffs

It’s official. Sifry has left Technorati (with no CEO btw).

I think Technorati might just be doomed. They just don’t have a solid business model (it might work if they had lower operating cost or had taken a lot less VC money). There’s also direct pressure from Google and they control the eyeballs so it’s going to get harder and harder for Technorati to attract users.

A solid chunk of their traffic is also coming from Google which could be cut off at any moment.

I like the gang over there and really wish they had a liquidity event so they could see some cash for all their hard work. I’m just not sure it’s going to happen.

It seems the next giants might be Powerset or Sphere.

Powerset is probably pursuing the right strategy of pursuing Google directly. Limiting your results to a strict subset (blogs) doesn’t seem like the way forward. Sphere is taking an alternative path with their contextual widget.

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