Virgin America – I’m in Love!

God bless our system of capitalism. Xeni was lucky enough to fly Virgin America today:

the plane … has 2 WiFi access points on board! and power in every seat! and ethernet, soon!

Wait. I thought Wifi was not yet FCC approved on

Is Virgin the Apple of airlines? Maybe. It’s Open Source and runs Linux and Google Maps. I’m serious!

They also use Airbus A320’s which are awesome.

This might replace United as my favorite airline!


Engadget has more:

* One USB port and one ethernet port per seat
* USB can be used with a portable keyboard on seatback console (or to charge your device)
* Ethernet hooks you into a LAN with the rest of the passengers
* Two 110v outlets per 3-seat row (and one per seat in first class)
* Dual 802.11b WiFi access points in cabin (fore and aft)
* Sprint EV-DO uplink (for ground communications)
* Yet-unannounced in-air broadband uplink
* LED mood lighting throughout the craft

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