Hypertext Solutions…. The New Secretive Powerset?

Battelle and and Venture Beat cover Hypertext Solutions. Is this competition for Powerset?

Hypertext is a secretive Seattle-based startup that says it’s focused on making information on the web more “intelligent.”

It comes to light after a publicly traded company, Insightful Corporation, announced it has sold its InFact search technology and other related intellectual property rights to Hypertext for $3.65 million in cash. This suggests Hypertext has some sort of financial backing; Paul Allen is reportedly behind it, says John Battelle (Update: Allen’s Vulcan Capital is indeed behind this).

Vulcan (who apparently have amazingly posh offices – even for a VC!) are investors.

They’re a Seattle based company. Bad timing because I would have loved to talk to them but I’m leaving early tomorrow morning.

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