Akismet Comment Storm

I’m currently getting HIT with a comment storm on WordPress.

I don’t think Akismet is handling one word comments and doesn’t realize that the comment should be added to /dev/null

About 50 comments in the last 72 hours.

Not too bad but kind of annoying.


OK. This is becoming a problem. I’ve already had another dozen emails today.

  1. Hi Kevin

    I share(d) your pain until a friend recommended Spam Karma 2. Been running for a week now and not a single spam has beaten the barriers thus far.

    I was getting 5/6 comment spams daily although I suspect your blog gets a little more traffic (and spam) :-)

    Spam Karma applies a lot of intelligent rules to score spam. For example, instant comments, comments on old posts get penalised, trackbacks without a real link etc…

    Initially, the SK2 interface appears slightly more complicated than Akismet but with the OOTB settings, it is working just fine for me.



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