LazyWeb: Recommendations for Seattle?

Alright lazyweb. I’m about to run up to Seattle for a week.

Have any recommendations? People I should meet? Places I should hang? Parks I should visit?

  1. Other than the fish market and other well known stops, one thing I like to do is hang out down on the Pier. The view of the Rockies from the pier with Seattle in the foreground is amazing.

    Also be sure to grab some Alaskan King Crab at one of the local seafood establishments. Always tastes better being closer to Alaska.

    Have a great trip! Say ‘hi’ to Bill for us.

  2. Tim

    There is a restaurant on Pine St, about half a block west of the Paramount Theater on the other side of the street called Dragonfish. It serves up absolutely delicious Asian fare. I never miss a chance to eat there when in the Emerald City. It is the ground floor of the Paramount Hotel. Yummy!

  3. Shilman

    Victrola Coffee in Cap Hill, Lighthouse Roasters & Paseo Cuban Sandwiches in Fremont. Enjoy!

  4. Nice guys…. I appreciate the suggestions.

  5. Hi!

    Hang out at the Victrola and you will find me there a few times a week. Drop me some email if you want to get a drink or dinner while you are in town.


  6. Come take a look at the new offices of my startup (Others Online). 9th & Lenora. Be sure to bring a senior programmer/architect that wants to work at a great early stage startup in Seattle.
    FX McRory’s Whiskey bar is downtown, south of Pioneer Square.
    Tiger Mountain is a good hike out east about an hour’s drive on I-90.
    Rent a canoe at the U.W. yacht club and paddle around the Arboretum on Lake Washington.
    Some decent mountain biking up close is in Kirkland at Big Finn Hill Park (behind my house). Not for serious trail riding, but okay for an afternoon ride. (although I know of a secret short course with serious jumps, if you like that sort of thing). St Edwards park is near there as well, good short hike in one of the few forested areas we have left on Lake Washington near Seattle (

    There are no Rockies near Seattle. The Olympics are across Puget Sound though. Still gorgeous in the summer.

  7. Hey Kevin,
    Tried emailing you about this earlier– if you’d like to get together while you’re in Seattle, shoot me an email. I can show you around.


  8. I’m late on this, but for what it’s worth – take a trip east to Kirkland for sundowners and head out further and check out Snoqualmie Falls.

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