Techcrunch Puts Tailrank in Deadpool – Far from the Truth

This morning Arrington decided to put Tailrank in the deadpool:

I emailed founder Kevin Burton late yesterday to see what the problem was. He responded “Just in the middle of a big uprade to Spinn3r which is causing more work for Tailrank. Basically a large infrastructure upgrade.” Shortly thereafter the site went live again, but all of the stories are days old. The most recent story in the Technology section is 3 days old, for example.

Long story short. This is totally and complete journalistic incompetence.

It’s also factually inaccurate. There was NO downtime for Tailrank other than a few ranking issues which were soon corrected.

I told Michael there was no story here via email (and that we’re working on a BIG upgrade) but that didn’t seem to matter. There was perceived blood in the water and he needed controversy to drive page views.

We’re at the healthiest point we’ve ever been as a company. We actually need to start hiring again in the next few weeks and installing a few more racks of hardware. (We deployed a half dozen servers this weekend. We’re going to be buying another half dozen by the end of this week.)

Sounds pretty healthy to me!

  1. jpm

    He’s clearly doing that to keep people from using your service instead of his friend’s Techmeme.

  2. He was right about one thing. It is a fact that the Technology section often showed empty in recent weeks. I know because I once provided feedback to point it out.

  3. Hey Andy….

    Yes……. I’ve been aware of the technology section problem which is why I fixed it :)


  4. Gosh, you mean Techcrunch got something wrong? I’m soooo shocked!

    Sigh. Hope all else is well, Kevin. We should reconnect, been awhile, should see what’s new and exciting on both sides of the fence.

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