HOTorNOT 2.0

I’m still catching up on my news but you’ve probably read this by now.

If I were a VC I’d be begging James to let me invest.

I like this comment:

This has much broader implications than you think. First, we now had less to lose by being aggressive (countless right moves were killed in the past because we were worried about what it would do to our bottom line). The other thing this did was it enabled us to let users create more user generated content on the site. User generated content is the real power of the web… but when you run a dating site, one of the things you have to do is screen ALL content to make sure nobody is hiding their contact info in their profile somewhere. Screening all content on a UGC site doesn’t scale…. but under an advertising based model, letting users upload more data doesn’t threaten the business model, it helps it.

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