God Created Housecats

(Warning. This post uses sarcasm – which is the highest form of comedy)

This CNN article has it all wrong:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Garfield, Morris and the Aristocats get the fame, but look to the origins of today’s furry felines and you find “lybica,” a Middle Eastern wildcat.

Domestic cats can be traced to wild progenitors that interbred well over 100,000 years ago, new research indicates.

“House cats — which includes fancy breeds and feral cats — those cats all form a genetic group that is virtually indistinguishable from ones in the Middle East,” said Stephen J. O’Brien of the National Cancer Institute.

“So, domestication, for sure, took place in the Middle East where those cats live today,” added O’Brien, co-author of a paper appearing in this week’s online edition of the journal Science.

Which is obviously impossible since evolution is a fair tale. God created cats and they’ve always existed. God also created poodles, bananas, and dachshunds since we can see them everywhere in nature.

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