Server-Grade SSDs for Write Ahead and Binary Logs

200706250153-1Samsung has announced a new line of 64G SSDs for use in consumer laptops. Nice to see innovation but I REALLY want to see more SSDs in the server space.

I JUST want to use a CHEAP 2-5G SSD for write ahead and binary logs. I just need 1k write ops per second with a SATA interface. Then I could drop them in cheap commodity servers and get a significant performance boost. My disks would still use software RAID 0 (at least until I replace this partitioning) but only store data.

Give me one of these for $50 to $100 and I’ll buy one with ever server.

The fsync’s required for writing to disks on INNODB can really hurt performance. My bet is that you could see an additional 5-15% performance if you don’t need to fsync (or can sync fast).

A battery backed caching RAID controller can give you the same benefits but in the $500-700 range. Hard to justify.

  1. What about one of these:

    Doesn’t come quite in your price bracket, especially when the cost of RAM is added, but also won’t suffer from the memory effect of Flash.

    Alternatively some of the Sansung PATA SSD’s are in your price range, although they don’t have SATA of course.

    Other alternative is to roll your own using CF and a SATA adapter but I guess that won’t have the throughput you need.

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