Google’s Historical Error and a Terabyte of Memory

Check out this error on the Google Milestones page (note my highlights):

Larry and Sergey continued working to perfect their technology through the first half of 1998. Following a path that would become a key tenet of the Google way, they bought a terabyte of disks at bargain prices and built their own computer housings in Larry’s dorm room, which became Google’s first data center.

… then we see …

Unable to interest the major portal players of the day, Larry and Sergey decided to make a go of it on their own. All they needed was a little cash to move out of the dorm — and to pay off the credit cards they had maxed out buying a terabyte of memory.

Wait. Is it a terabyte of disk or a terabyte of memory? A terabyte of MEMORY would cost a LOT more than a terabyte of disk.

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