Bush Knew About Abu Ghraib

More news today about Abu Ghraib. Apparently Rumsfeld lied before congress. He new about the torture in Abu Ghraib prison well before the pictures came to the surface (video):

HERSH: Very simply that the notion, as they told Congress, that our leader, Rumsfeld, Donald Rumsfeld, the secretary of defense and his aides, they all went and testified in May after the stories about Abu Ghraib became public that “Oh, my god, we just didn’t know about it until — we didn’t realize how serious it was” is simply not true.

The fact is that, within a few days of the incident first getting reported internally, which was in January of ‘04, the back channel was flying. There were messages going. And the back channel showed very clearly the documents – the actual cables show that Rumsfeld and his aides and Wolfowitz and his aides and the director of the Joint staff, all these senior people at the Pentagon were getting very detailed — they didn’t see the photographs; they were getting verbal accounts of the photographs that made it very clear.

… and seriously. Why would they even care? These guys approve of torture.

It’s amazing to think that Bush had the gull to lie to the American people and say that “we do not torture.”

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