The Benefits of Using Proven Technology

I’ve noticed that in the last five years I’ve started to become very conservative about adopting new technologies.

We’re JUST now migrating to Opterons for example. I’m only now considering adopting Java 5.0.

My stack is essentially Java 1.4.2, MySQL 4.1.22, Debian 3.1 (migrating to Etch), and Athlon processors.

There just aren’t any surprises. The entire stack works and everything is a known entity. Since I have a pretty stable foundation I can look at technologies one at a time without fundamentally changing the stability of the entire system. Java 5.0 looks interesting but no real pressure here at the moment.

MySQL 5.1’s partitioning support will probably be the only feature that pushes us to upgrade. There are some InnoDB fixes I want to incorporate as well.

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