Online Book – Graph Theory, 3rd Edition

200706171543It’s really nice that Graph Theory, 3rd Edition is online.

I’m a graph theory geek so this is super cool.

Graph Algorithms in Java, Network Flows, and Schaum’s Outline of Graph Theory are all solid choices.

I might actually buy this to encourage more authors to publish their texts online. It’s really helpful to be able to search through a book you’ve read when you’re trying to implement a new algorithm.

It would also be nice to see more open source texts. There’s a lot of information in text book form but not much of it has really made it into Wikipedia (at least the niche stuff).

It also really bothers me that seminal papers published more than say 15 years old aren’t really on the net either. It’s possible to find them but somewhat difficult.

  1. Eric

    re: papers… finding old relevant papers is the sole reason I pay the ACM ~$200/year. Access to the ACM digital library has been worth the money, to date.

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