On Guard – But Incompetent

Apparently we’re in a post-post-911 world

The truth is that approximately one half of Americans are asleep, but the other half of us are wide awake and on guard. How does a nation do anything productive to protect herself when we are split down the middle? One half of Americans think everything bad that happens is America’s fault, they forget about September 11, 2001 and accuse President George W. Bush of using September 11 as a scare tactic for everything he does.

Maybe you are on guard – but you’re incompetent and lead by criminals.

You were unable to protect America from Katrina with FOUR days warning but you somehow feel you’re ready to protect us from terrorist who aren’t going to give any warning.

In order to “guard” us from terrorism you’ve resorted to the tactics of our enemy and now torture prisoners who have neither been found guilty nor prosecuted in any court.

Great job guys.

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