MySQL’s Cheap Marketing Stunt?

I sort of agree with Jeremy Cole. This new marketing push using Planet MySQL seems like a cheap advertising stunt.

First, what’s with the highlighted post? Why is it highlighted? Seems like and advertisment.

Which brings up a number of significant questions:

1. Where’s my cut? I write content that’s pushed to Planet MySQL which wouldn’t be attractive for running ads if it wasn’t a collection Plof intelligent authors writing about MySQL.

2. Can competitors run ads on Planet MySQL? Can Oracle run an ad on INNODB? Can Solid run an ad?

Planet MySQL is a community oriented site. Seems like we should keep it that way.


  1. Luckily, I read the RSS feed so I never saw the highlight. I had to go to the site to see what you meant.

  2. I think I’m going to write another blog post on it which is more constructive.

    It’s totally possible to use Planet MySQL as a marketing vehicle but do so in a much more ethical and effective manner.

  3. jim

    entries from the ‘official’ mysql feeds have been highlighted like this since the very first implementation of planet mysql, just like the little badge displayed for mysql employees.

  4. Thanks Jim……. interesting..

    I guess there’s just a direct correlation between the “official” feeds and the MySQL marketing dept.

    Anyway….I’m going to blog about a more effective strategy for them…… constructive feedback :)

  5. Hi Kevin,

    Like Jim said, announcements from MySQL AB have always been highlighted like that. Also, we removed all advertising (Google Ads) from the site a week or two ago. Let us know if you’ve got suggestions on how to make PlanetMySQL better. For instance, perhaps feed categories like I mentioned in my article on this a while ago?




  6. Seems others have already said what I was going to say. MySQL AB has always been highlighted.

  7. Posts from “MySQL AB” have always been out-of-place marketing crap. They’re dangerously close to the threshold at which I’ll have to drop the feed :-(

  8. I think its entirely legit that mysql ab posts get highlighted and that employees get visually separated etc.

    Its just annoying to get this totally useless for developers marketing spam on planet mysql.

  9. I’m going to post on this today……

    I really want MySQL AB to succeed and that INCLUDES marketing.

    What they really need to do is embrace marketing 2.0 and start collaborating with the community on these conversations.

    I think they missed a big opportunity to participate in the conversation about RAID the other day. That was about 20k pageviews and would have been a LOT more effective for them.

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