The Free Software Foundation Can’t Ship Code.

The lastest version of GNU Emacs was released the other day. Where in the world is the Techcrunch coverage? (joke)

Anyway. What really bothers me is that this was SIX years in the making.

At this rate the Emacs 23 will be available sometime in 2013. GNU Hurd will probably be available before then though.

They even have to nerve to say pathetic things like:

“The Hurd is not the most advanced kernel known to the planet (yet)”


How in the world are we supposed to take these guys seriously.

Time for a song!

  1. I use Emacs daily. I can’t think of a single feature I am desperately missing. So a six years lag between major releases really doesn’t bother me.

  2. vishravars

    A 6 year gap for a community of that sort is quite strange. But cant beat it. But i prefer ‘vi’ for my work.

  3. Eric

    I just LOVE the crazy ass RMS video… I remember hearing a crappy audio recording of that “onward opensource hackers” song, years ago (and I mean years ago) – it helped me chose to switch from gnu emacs to lumacs.

    But, I do love me my emacs and with 21 they actually won me back from xemacs. Certainly the cathedral of GNU takes it’s sweet ass time releasing software, but when it comes to emacs, I’ve learned to be patient. And please don’t mention hurd, I don’t think any has taken GNU seriously about that thurd (note – silent H) in years.

    BTW – Im pretty damn sure I saw the familiar gnu emacs icon on your mac in the scoble interview, perhaps you’re a fan too? :)

  4. Oh yeah… Love GNU Emacs…. I was an ECB contributor and worked on Emacs 21 for a while….. I have FAR too much elisp I’m afraid :-/

  5. ….. oh… but I hate the release cycle… god.

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