INNODB and 128k Stripe Size

Dathan says that 128k Stripe Size is ideal for INNODB:

128K – this is really good for INNODB, you’ll see a huge boost in responsiveness by making your Stripe Size 128K. I had a 64K stripe size, and I was blown away by the improvement of 128K

I’ve only benchmarked 64k and 1M. Google is using a 1M stripe size. 1M was about 5x slower for our workload. I’m going to have to benchmark 128k.

Interesting that he recommends RAID 10. We’re using RAID 0 and just using a Redundant Array of Inexpensive Servers. If one fails we just promote another one as master.

  1. Raid 0 or Raid 10, it’s only a matter of redundancy like you said. What matters (if your workload is IO-Bound) is the number of physical disks in the array :)

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