Google Intended to Delete Competitors Ads in Street View

Check out this Google Street View link.

Looks like Google tried to delete this sign for Microsoft Live Maps but failed. It’s a bit unethical that they have no problem blocking ads for competing products but won’t block views into people’s homes.

They should either show the real world or not. My vote is to show it exactly how it is in the real world without any form of censorship.

What’s really odd is that I used to live down the street from here…


  1. Why is it unethical? They’re removing competing advertising; I have no problem with that. Would you advertise your competitor?

    There are also no legal – or ethical IMHO – issues with them taking photos of people’s houses. But if you do take offense at a photo you can request it removed.

    Sounds reasonable, an highly ethical, to me…

  2. Ethics are always IMHO btw :)

    ….. and yes…. I think that altering the real world is unethical. Show it as it is… warts and all.

  3. Well, I’m just waiting for the first lawsuit. Their excuse that it’s public seems hollow.

  4. hoberion

    looks like a faulty camera to me, I dont think google would be that lame…

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