Scoble Thinks Winer Invented Offline Support

What the HECK is Scoble smoking here? Is he REALLY asserting that somehow Dave Winer deserves credit for inventing offline aggregation?

A built-in RSS aggregator. That let me read feeds in a river-of-news format. It even worked offline (I used it back then to read feeds on plane rides and I could write blog posts while in a plane and sync them up when back online).

Hmmm, I swear I’ve seen this all before. Thanks to Dave Winer for providing the roadmap to Google. Bummer that we didn’t make any money off of it, but it’s nice to see that Dave’s ideas, if not his implementation, continues to prove interesting in 2007.

  1. Hi Kevin,

    Actually, the Userland Radio architecture was very similar to Google Gears: both use a server that runs on localhost to enable running the application from the browser, and both communicate with a host when online, storing the data for offline use.

    At the time, using a local webserver like this was very innovative, and a great way to develop software that could be easily made cross-platform, and run in both offline and online mode.

    – Mike

  2. Offline functionality has been core to application frameworks for a LONG time. Email clients implemented this LONG before anyone else.

    Also.. I should note that Newsmonster had FAR better offline support than anyone.

    OK….. I’ll just say it…. I invented it :)

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