Huge Wild Boar was FARM RAISED

Remember that giant pig I blogged about the other day?

Turns out it was farm raised. NO FAIR!!!!

FRUITHURST, Ala. — Before he became known as “Monster Pig,” the 1,051-pound hog shot in Delta was known by another name.


Rhonda and Phil Blissitt told The Anniston Star on Thursday evening that, on April 29, four days before the hog was killed, Fred was one of many livestock on their farm.

Late Thursday evening, their claims were confirmed by Andy Howell, Game Warden for the Alabama Department of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries.

“I didn’t want to stir up anything,” Rhonda Blissitt said. “I just wanted the truth to be told. That wasn’t a wild pig.”

Added Phil Blissitt:

“If it went down in the record book, it would be deceiving, and we’d know that for the rest of our lives.”


  1. wakanska

    So, basically, the kid shot someone’s pet pig! “Fred” was probably looking at the kid, wondering if he had any Oreo cookies on him!
    The biggest one bagged wild was probably the one they called, “Hogzilla”, but no one weighed the carcass before it was buried.
    There’s not much reason to shoot a hog this size. You can’t dress them out or pack out the meat. It would be too tough and gamey, anyway.

  2. midnight

    the biggest pig ive seen on here is one shot here in australia it wieghed 512 kg not sure how big that is in pounds tho.

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