Six Apart Screws Up Again? – Censors More Bloggers

About six months ago I blogged about how Six Apart was planning on censoring my blog in response to a fake DMCA takedown notice:

Just to follow up here, the legal advice we have received is that for the next 10 business days, the disputed content does need to be removed from public access. If at the end of this period, we have not received the specified legal filing from Mr. Crook, then access to the material can be restored at that time. We apologize for the need to do this, and for any incorrect or confusing information we may have provided in the past, but we will need to ask you to remove the disputed files from public access for the next 10 business days. If you are not able to do this by the end of the day on Monday, December 11, we will need to delete the disputed files.

The issue was eventually corrected and the whole thing turned out to be a big mistake but now I’m not so sure:

Great. Looks like Six Apart is going to do the right thing here.

This hit them at the wrong time now since they’re all at Les Web in France.

Long story short. The image will probably go back online tomorrow (it’s offline now) and they’re going to try to keep a heads up for this kind of stuff in the future.

… apparently it’s happening again:

Barak Berkowitz, Chairman and CEO of Six Apart, has released an admission that “For reasons we are still trying to figure out what was supposed to be a well planned attempt to clean up a few journals that were violating LiveJournal’s policies that protect minors turned into a total mess. I can only say I’m sorry, explain what we did wrong and what we are doing to correct these problems and explain what we were trying to do but messed up so completely.”

  1. Seems like they are handling the situation well, how would you handle it differently?

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